Monday, January 16, 2012

The Monster In The Kitchen

There is a monster in the kitchen.  I had not realized it when we first moved into my doghouse here.  But recently it came to my attention.  This big black shiny thing used to capture my imagination because inside of it is a bunch of good stuff for the tummy.  I know for sure that my wet food is in there cause I see my humans reach in and get it every morning when it is time for my medicine.  So I had a love relationship with the monster.  But now I think we have one of those things my humans refer to as love/hate relationships.  The darn thing makes me sooooo mad!

It started one day pretty innocently.  There was this little beep noise that came from the monster.  I thought about growling at it, but decided not to because that one human of mine who likes to mutter a lot mumbled something I know I'm not suppose to say outloud and have witnessed human children being fed soap when they say. She seemed pretty upset and muttered about expensive and money.  Well, this little beep continued for a couple days and then became a chirping, beeping, blurting obnoxious thing.  I had enough of that!

I knew for sure that this thing in the kitchen really was a monster based on the hissing sound it made every time someone filled a glass or my bowl with water.  I had suspected because it hid the food where I could not get to it, but these monster noises it makes prove it. So whenever I hear that thing making its noises I run in to protect my family.  I growl and bark and tell it not to mess with us.  I might be a little dog, but don't mess with me.  People should know better than to mess with little people, we pack a wallop!  I've gotten so clever that I am fully prepared now.  If I even hear a glass come out of the cupboard or the water being turned on at the sink to say, wash out my water bowl, I start growling and walking over to the monster so it knows not to say anything or else.  It keeps making the noise though.  If I could only find a way to bite it.

A few days ago my humans brought something home and shoved it into the monster and it stopped making its strange growls and snorts.  That hasn't stopped me!  I continue to growl and bark at the monster when that water thing on the front gets turned on because I know that I'm the real reason it stopped making noises.  That monster in the kitchen knows who is boss of this doghouse.

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