Saturday, January 7, 2012


Last night was laundry night in this house.  I love laundry night cause my favorite thing to do is to jump into the pile of clean clothes straight out of the warm dryer.  I burrow in just like a kitty, like I bet my pet kitty would do.  Speaking of which, I haven't seen Tiger all day.  My human hollared at Tiger good yesterday, so I'm wondering if it got scared away.  Hmppff!

So last night I was doing my thing and burying myself inside the pile of clean clothes while my human murmured something about not knowing why she bothers to clean them.  She was listening to music at Big Dawg Music Mafia, which seems like a rather boring website to me.  Who cares about big dogs?  Little dogs least according to me.  This countryesque song came on and my human got excited and started doing this thing she told me was two stepping while she folded laundry.  Why are humans so strange?  I watched for a minute and then buried my nose further into the laundry.

Next thing I know, I'm airborne!  My human scoops me up and starts twirling around with me while holding one of my arms out to the side.  I'm not sure if I should push away, relax or hurl on her.  I try the pushing thing, bracing my arms against her and pushing back while she saunters around the bedroom.  She pulls me closer and I consider the puking angle.  I don't exactly understand why I sometimes see my humans doing this twirling thing around the house all by themselves, but I really don't understand what makes them think I want to partake!  But then I realized she was having a good time, so I gave in and went limp.  Once she was done she plopped me back on the laundry and I tried burrowing in again, but now the laundry was no longer warm.  Great!  No point in messing around the laundry anymore so I decided to have some fun with the toilet paper.  I love grabbing the end and running.  The first time I did this when I was a puppy, I got my picture taken and lots of giggling about how I had TPed the bathroom.  Now I just get "the look."

I don't think I'll ever understand humans.  I'm watching one of my humans right now and she is muttering stuff about debates and a president.  Wonder what I can get into while she's distracted?

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